Charge Your Faith

Charge Your Faith

Services in December

Recharge your faith in Lockdown! 

Paul Wilbur, David Hathaway and David Hogan are men of faith. Their faith has been tested in many challenges and has proven to be sustainable. 

On December 6, 13 and 20, 2020, their sermon will be broadcasted via LED wall directly into the conference hall in Tübingen and will be broadcasted live on YouTube (see below). Both at 2:00 and 4:00 pm - both times will be broadcasted live!

Dec 13, 2020
with David Hathaway

David Hathaway is an evangelist from England who has been serving with unquenchable fire in the power of the Holy Spirit for 70 years. In the 60s he smuggled Bibles into communist Russia and was willing to go to prison for it. This determination and the fire of the Holy Spirit still characterizes David Hathaway today.

Dec 20, 2020
with David Hogan

David Hogan is an apostle of faith in our time. His ministry in Mexico has seen hundreds of new churches planted under the most challenging circumstances, miraculous healings, and even the dead brought back to life through the power of prayer. 

Past services
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Dec 06, 2020
With Paul Wilbur

Paul Wilbur is a worship leader and professional musician and has been leading people around the world into worship for over four decades. Through his ministry, countless Christians have found a deeper relationship with Jesus and access to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.