May 26–28, 2024 I Conference, March I Israel

In 2024, we as nations will continue to go to the Mount of the Lord in Jerusalem to express our friendship with Israel.
See you there!
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Sat June 22, 2024 I Europaplatz Tübingen
With Music groups Be'er Sheva, Kehatim, the Dance Crew YC Dance and many more.

Let's fill the streets with worship. Middle East worship, gospel rock, creative dance, klezmer, rap and much more await you. Join us and look forward to live worship, dancing and the Good News on the streets of Tübingen.

Admission free.

Oct 31–Nov 03, 2024 I Tübingen
With David Hogan & Jo-D Hogan; Eddie James & Team; Jobst Bittner and more

When fathers and mothers, sons and daughters serve together in the power of the Holy Spirit, the words of the prophet Joel 3 are fulfilled: “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh!” - “I will give miraculous signs in heaven and on earth !” - “On Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be salvation!”
Now is the time for generations to be rekindled with the fire of revival.

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November 30, 2024 19.30 Uhr I Concert

Let us worship the God of Israel together! On this special evening, musician and worship leader Joshua Aaron from Israel will lead us directly into the presence of God. His music is a modern mix of worship and traditional Jewish folk music. With his unique style he plays his way straight into the hearts of the listeners.