What did Jonah preach in Nineveh?

In Germany, hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the church. Teenagers who are running away from God belong to the new generation of the…

News from Israel

Dear Friends, in Gaza hundreds of incendiary kites are sent up every day. They are called "fire kites". They have caused more than 1,000 fires…

The Power of Love

The March of the Nations was a march of joy. Bishop Curry preached about the power of love in the same week. God‘s love is the only love that can…

Christian Responsibility for Antisemitism

Antisemitism, or to be more precise anti-Judaism, is a poison that Christians have been carrying in their DNA right from the beginning of Church…

Here I am, send me

Are you ready to be sent? Many sing "Here I am, send me" but don´t want to be sent in the end. Sunny Tranca shares the story behind the song "Here I…

Power Vacuum

You can look at it whatever way you want: The drawn-out period of government formation in Germany has created a power vacuum.

Healed from Paralysis Through Prayer

In March 2017, I went for a medical exam because of sharp back pain and numbness in my left leg. I was diagnosed with a  herniated disc. I was…

TOS Choir - "Resurrecting"

"Your name your name is victory, All praise will rise to Christ our king, Your name your name is victory, All praise will rise to Christ our king."

Power of God and Healings at Awakening Fire

Three days filled with miracles, joy, worship, and encouraging as well as challenging messages by David Hogan (Mexico), Joshua Aaron (Israel), and…

The Conformist Believer

Every human being has the ability to adapt. Wrong decisions, however, make you a conformist believer. How can I learn to make the right decisions? How…

Healed from epilepsy

I led a normal life, had many friends, enjoyed riding my bike and climbing – until the time just before my high school graduation. During that time, I…

You are a miracle (Vlog)

This is my first Vlog after returning from my Latin America trip. On Sunday I preached on the topic "You are a miracle" - Israel is a miracle since 70…