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Bookstore and Exhibition

Meeting Point

A real meeting point in the heart of the city – on the market square – directly across the square from the historic town hall of the city of Tübingen. Plenty of life on three floors of a house almost 600 year old.


In our Christian bookstore you will find books, movies & music as well as gift items and Israeli products. There is plenty of room for creativity in the children's corner. Take a break for some coffee, browse the shelves and chat


The exhibition "No Longer Silence" is housed in the historic vaulted basement. The exhibition deals with the role of Tübingen during the time of National Socialism and its impact on Europe. It also shares about the ministry of reconciliation through the March of Life, in which descendants of perpetrators break their silence.

Monday - Saturday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Venue: Kronenstraße 9, 72072 Tuebingen, Germany (entrance from market square)

Phone: +49 7071 993 515