Theological Seminary

Theological Seminary


TOS Theological Bible Seminary offers the possibility to study Theology and to receive recognized degree(s) in Theology. In a 3-6 year program, you can complete a Bachelor or Master of Theology. The program is an extension of distance learning courses through South African Theological Seminary (SATS) and TOS training. Church leaders and theologians mentor students in their training and courses; the program is tied into church life at TOS. Intense Bible studies, exciting teachings on topics such as “Studying According to the Heart of God”, “Jewish Roots of Christianity“ and “Revival History Worldwide” flow together with hands-on training in evangelizing, prayer, pastoral responsibilities, and compassion ministry within TOS Ministries.


The Bachelor of Theology Honors requires 480 credits in four years. The schedule requires a 34 hour study week. This way, you can complete the Master of Theology with 660 credits in six years. This program runs under the motto “Bible-based – Christ centered – Spirit led“, and aims at raising servants of the Kingdom of God devoted in every aspect of their lives.
Term usually starts August 1 of each year, and the application deadline is June 30, justified exceptions are possible.
Participation requirements for the Theological Seminary include a good knowledge of the English language and completion or current participation of TSM I.

Tuition according to this plan of study runs around 250 EURO per month. Funding options include public endowments, for instance “Deutsche Bildung“, or others. Marginal part-time work is also possible.  


Interested in the Theological Seminary? Do you have questions? 
Then use the field below to contact us or you can reach us at: (+49) 7071-360920.

The application process normally proceeds like this:

  • Preliminary talks, visiting church services in Tübingen and /or information day.
  • Submission of a fully completed application form.
  • Interview with a staff member.
  • Confirmation of participation.

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