TOS School of Ministry

TOS School of Ministry


The goal of TOS School of Ministry (TSM) is to equip the participants spiritually to be founders or supporters of new house groups, churches, social work or other projects. They will receive assistance in hearing God´s call and to pursue it according to their giftings. In the past 10 years, many students discovered their personal calling during TSM. Today, they are serving in the kingdom of God as missionaries and church planters, they help with church-building projects or are responsible, inspiring workers in their church. They are living testimonies at the places where they live and work. 

The training program TSM consists of two academic years. Doing TSM I does not require pursuing TSM II. Prerequisite for TSM II, however, is graduating from TSM I. 


TOS School of Ministry I (TSM I) is basic equipping for missions and leadership. The focus of the nine month program of TSM I is on personal heart and character training, as well as spiritual foundations for ministry in the Kingdom of God. The students receive training in Bible studies, mentoring, and hands-on outreaches to discover their calling and to let God use them in their daily lives. The schedule of the program is designed so that students can fund themselves through part-time work and be involved in everyday tasks. During the academic year, students will deepen their knowledge of the material they have studied through hands-on outreaches in different aid and social projects, evangelistic and pastoral ministries in TOS Church in Tübingen. Furthermore, there will be pioneer outreaches in and out of country in current or new bases of TOS Ministries. 


The curriculum includes eight areas that are taught both in theory and application: 

  • Friend of God
  • Excellence
  • Building the Kingdom of God in the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Discipleship
  • Jewish-Hebrew Inheritance
  • Precious Calling
  • Deliverance and Healing
  • Man/Woman of the Word of God


TSM II serves as practical preparation for full-time ministry or missionary social work in Germany and abroad. The students receive mentoring in prayer, and applicable teaching, and practical tasks, supporting them on their paths towards their individual callings. Practical training in areas such as Bible teaching, music and worship, public relations, and finances offer the students tools for their future work in ministry.

TSM II is direct preparation for full-time and/or missionary work in Germany and abroad. Students know that they will be sent out after the end of the nine month program. Through practical training areas including biblical teaching, music and worship, public relations and finances, students will acquire tools necessary for their future ministry involvement.

Pre-requisite for participating in TSM II is the successful completion of TSM I and the readiness to be sent into ministry after completion of the nine month program.


  • At least 18 years old.
  • Current membership in a Christian church /ministry.
  • Participation in "TOS School of Ministry" must be confirmed and affirmed by the Pastor (or spiritual leadership) of your current church / ministry.
  • Relocation to Tübingen for the duration of the academic year.
  • Part-time work (50-75%) throughout the academic year.
  • Readiness to be involved in the lifestyle at TOS Church in Tübingen. 
  • No addictions (alcohol, drugs, or nicotine) and no acute, diagnosed, mental illnesses. 


  • Tuition for one academic year: 1,080 EURO (1,800 EURO per married couple)
  • Outreach expenses: approx. 2,000 EURO
  • Individual cost of living is not included in the price for tuition.


Are you interested in TSM? Do you have questions? 
Then use the field below to contact us or reach us at: (+49) 7071-360920.

The application process generally is as follows:

  • Preliminary talks, visiting church services in Tübingen and / or TSM Information Day.
  • Submission of a fully completed application form.
  • Interview with a TSM staff member.
  • Confirmation of participation.

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