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The new TOS website is online! Here you can find messages from Jobst Bittner, music from Be’er Sheva, dances from Yeshua’s Call & Prepare The Way, drama, testimonies and a lot more!

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JOBST BITTNER – the POWER of LOVE – [1 John 4:8-11]

Christian Responsibility for Antisemitism [Micah 4:2]

Overcoming the spirit of fear - Jo-D Hogan (Awakening Fire 2017)

The Conformist Believer (2 Cor 3:17-18)

The safest place in the world

Gayle Claxton - Unforgiveness, there´s an app for that!

TRUMP AS PRESIDENT, NOW WHAT? - A Biblical Guideline

Daniel Kolenda - Live before you die