TOS School of Ministry

TOS School of Ministry


The curriculum includes eight areas that are taught both in theory and application: 

  • Friend of God
  • Excellence
  • Building the Kingdom of God in the Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Discipleship
  • Jewish-Hebrew Inheritance
  • Precious Calling
  • Deliverance and Healing
  • Man/Woman of the Word of God


  • Tuition for one academic year: 1,200 EURO (2,000 EURO per married couple)
  • Outreach expenses: approx. 2,000 EURO
  • Individual cost of living is not included in the price for tuition.


Are you interested in TSM? Do you have questions? 
Then use the field below to contact us or reach us at: (+49) 7071-360920.

The application process generally is as follows:

  • Preliminary talks, visiting church services in Tübingen and / or TSM Information Day.
  • Submission of a fully completed application form.
  • Interview with a TSM staff member.
  • Confirmation of participation.

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