The various children's services offer a colorful program for toddlers through to teenagers. The children love meeting friends, creative encouragement and having lots of fun.

Through participatory stories, lively short messages and playing together, the children learn about the Bible. Through loving attention and personal prayer, they experience that Jesus practically cares for their needs. In this way, the children can get to know Jesus as is right for their age, and experience God wanting to use them to encourage others even at an early age. Children become stable personalities and gain a positive perspective on their lives. 

Children aged 1-13 meet in various age groups at the same time as the adult worship services.




Kiddies’ Sunday Party

This is where the party is! In each “Kiddies’ Sunday Party” group, children experience Jesus as their friend and how he wants to change their lives. With age-appropriate games and lively stories, children are encouraged in their gifts in four different groups: "Bears" (8 months to 1 1/2 years), "Lions" (1 1/2 - 3 years), "Penguins" (3-4 years), "Eagles" (5-6 years).

Mega Kids Church

A favorite with all kids 7 years and older who want to experience God with cool praise and illustrative sermons. Here the kids help shape the service themselves through testimonies, short sermons, dances and their own worship band.

The Club

Kids/Teenagers from 11 to 13 years old meet in the "Club".  Experienced staff members provide space and answers to the questions and needs of the young people and are there for them as friends and role models - because faith helps when it is up to real life and everyday life. Everyone here experiences: Their life is precious and makes a difference!