9 months training in the lifestyle of Acts!

Hearing God's call sometimes means leaving behind the familiar and finding new directions and equipping "outside the box".

Jesus commissioned his disciples to "go and make disciples of all nations." This GOING is the calling of TOS Ministries and also the goal of the TOS Bible School. It wants to produce disciples who are ready to go.




To seek the heart of God and bring His will into existence here on earth - locally, nationally and internationally: in the day and night prayer chain, in prophetic worship and prayer evenings together with the whole church, in TOS Ministry prayer houses all over the world, in personal times in the presence of God.



In the power of the Holy Spirit, take the saving message of the Gospel to the streets, to your workplace and university, and experience Jesus doing miracles through you today and people encountering God: in your daily life, on weekly outreaches in the city, on outreaches worldwide.



Become an authentic witness of Jesus' grace, rooted in your identity as a beloved child of God: live a lifestyle of continuing sanctification and discipleship, with uncompromising commitment and passion for the Kingdom of God in a close-knit small group and life-changing worship services.



Transform places of darkness into places of God's presence and glory with the radical love of Jesus in practical ways: among the homeless and addicts in the church’s local social ministries, among drug addicts and street children in South America and Europe.

The ministry of TOS is rooted in the knowledge that Jesus Christ came from the Jewish people and that as Christians we are "grafted into the cultivated olive tree" (Romans 11:17) by grace, and that the Jewish heritage is the foundation of our faith. Learn more about God's unique love story with His chosen people - and what it has to do with you! Find out why the March for Life is of such great importance to the nations and Israel at this time and become part of this worldwide movement, "United to be a Light."

Biblical Training

In weekly teaching sessions with excellent teachers and pastors who live what they preach, you will receive a solid, biblical foundation that will give you the basic equipment for missions and leadership:

  • Prayer: Becoming a friend of God
  • Word of God: How do I become a man or woman of the Word of God?
  • Holy Spirit: Serving in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • Discipleship: Experiencing the blessing of life in discipleship
  • Spiritual Roots: Discovering the Jewish-Hebrew heritage
  • Calling: Living in the will of God
  • Character: Training a life of excellence and humility

Biblical training, character training, and discipleship enable you to find direction for your life, hear God's call, and set a course for your calling.

Mentoring and Counseling

During the 9 months you will be personally mentored, encouraged and challenged. Through biblical counseling, you will experience the power of a clear conscience and live a life of continual sanctification and transformation.


Practical Outreach

During the school year, you will be challenged to apply the content of the teachings in two-month internships in the various social, evangelistic, and pastoral ministries of TOS Church Tübingen. Additionally, as a team, you will go on pioneer outreaches at home and abroad in existing or newly established branches of TOS Ministries that will strengthen your cultural adaptability, empathic skills, perseverance, and social skills.

"In TOS Bible School my life has changed dramatically. I found new vision for my life and learned to lay down my life completely for God. He spoke about my calling and gave me a burden for people. Since then, I go out on the streets every week and tell people about Jesus and pray for them." 



"In TOS Bible School we have learned to put the Word of God into practice. It doesn't stop at theory, but you are called to a radical lifestyle that releases the miracles and presence of God in your everyday life. After TOS Bible School, God called us as missionaries to Ecuador. We are grateful to stand on a foundation that carries us through ups and downs. We are experiencing miracles and can now share from what we received at TOS Bible School. There is nothing more fulfilling than living in your calling, and we can only recommend this Bible School to everyone!"

Benjamin & Anja


"Through TOS Bible School I have encountered God as the Heavenly Father and have come to know Him much more deeply and intimately than I could ever have imagined. This has given me a real foundation in my life. Now I know that no matter what happens - nothing can separate me from the love of God!" 


The Application Process

  • Preliminary interview, visit to a church service in Tübingen
  • and/or an Information Day of TOS Bible School
  • Submit a completed application form
  • Interview with a member of TOS Bible School staff
  • Confirmation of participation

School Year 2024/25

Join the TSM Information Day:
April 20, 2024 4:30 pm 
June 08, 2024 4:30 pm
July 20, 2024 4:30 pm

If you need further information or would like to aplly, we are looking forward to hearing from you.
Write an email to bibelschule@tos.info