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Corona Update #2

Dear Friends,

Within three weeks, the global situation has changed dramatically. Hardly anyone in their wildest dreams could have imagined that...

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Awakening Fire Conference postponed

Dear Friends, the situation regarding the coronavirus has worsened worldwide in recent days. After the US entry ban and the resulting measures, both...

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Corona Update #1

Dear Friends, 

the development and associated regulations concerning the coronavirus have kept us on our toes. We can now share the much-anticipated...

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TOS Music - a new brand of TOS

On December 7th at the Worship Night in Tübingen, Germany, the new name of the former "Freedom Night Band" has been released: "Kehatim". Together with...

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"I had completely destroyed my life and had reached a point where I just didn’t care anymore. I tried filling my inner void with drugs and relationships. Very soon I was unable to sleep because of my terrible nightmares, unless I did drugs (...)" read more

"Our son Jannik was born on November 8, 2010 after 25 weeks, almost 4 months prematurely. The pregnancy had been very troubled and he was considered “Very Low Birth Weight” (VLBW) with his birth weight at 910 grams (...)" read more

"The big letters over my life said: "Nothing matters, you are not important." My mother was already a single mother when I was born. I was neither planned nor desired. Although my mother later gave her life to Jesus and I heard about the love of God in Sunday School, my life was marked by a lack of perspective. (...)"  read more