Opened Doors 2023

There are "Opened Doors" in 2023 that we just need to discover. Sometimes, however, these doors are blocked. What can we do to be all the more…

The Handwriting of the Holy Spirit in Your Life (Jobst Bittner)

If you bear the handwriting of the Holy Spirit in your life, the spirit of this age will not be able to mark you. A new outpouring of the Holy Spirit…

A Firm Hold in Insecure Times [Is 22:25]

The negative headlines keep building: World climate disaster, War in the Middle East, economic decline, Brexit. Nothing seems to be like it was any…

Expect right to win right.

Hunger and thirst are signs of life! If you live without expectation, you have lost hope. So expect right to win right! Bible passage: Psalm 34:7 Me…

Only faith overcomes

There's a key to realize your dreams and reaching God's goals. Faith is the "currency of heaven". The more you invest, the greater is your spiritual…

Knowing God and making him known.

Predigt vom 11.08.2019

Jonah - You Can Never Stop the Love of God

God’s Love is Unstoppable - Ours isn’t! Bible passage: Jonah 4:1-4 Message dated August 4, 2019

What did Jonah preach in Nineveh?

In Germany, hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the church. Teenagers who are running away from God belong to the new generation of the…

The Power of Love

The March of the Nations was a march of joy. Bishop Curry preached about the power of love in the same week. God‘s love is the only love that can…

Christian Responsibility for Antisemitism

Antisemitism, or to be more precise anti-Judaism, is a poison that Christians have been carrying in their DNA right from the beginning of Church…

The Conformist Believer

Every human being has the ability to adapt. Wrong decisions, however, make you a conformist believer. How can I learn to make the right decisions? How…