Are You the One Asking for God?


I was born into a Christian family as a vicar’s daughter. But I never had a personal relationship to Jesus. When I left my parents‘ home, I quickly drifted into a life of no perspective, drugs and crime. I had two daughters by two different fathers. Finally, on my quest for spirituality, I travelled to India with a friend and my children. There, my problems only got bigger. We all became sick with hepatitis and we did not have the money for the return tickets to Germany, I just saw no way out. Then I remembered God and cried out to Him for help. Immediately, three Christians from America approached and asked, “Are you the one asking for God? God told us here is someone who needs His help.” Amazed, I said yes. They prayed for me, and this was the start of my life with Jesus. I was able to return to Germany with my daughters, and very soon afterwards I joined TOS Church. Jesus has healed my life and placed it on a solid foundation. My children are healthy and well, and live with Jesus. I am married now and work in my own physiotherapy practice. Jesus is alive!

Annette Krug