My Life Did Not Matter To Me

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The big letters over my life said: "Nothing matters, you are not important." My mother was already a single mother when I was born. I was neither planned nor desired. Although my mother later gave her life to Jesus and I heard about the love of God in Sunday School, my life was marked by a lack of perspective. Because no one else had a plan for me, I had none myself. Because of my behaviour, I almost got kicked out of school, and in an accident a person nearly lost their life because of me. I was glad neither actually happened. But in the end, I just did not care. I saw no reason to change my life. I believed in God, but I did not care what He thought about me. This attitude of "I don’t care" may look cool to the outside, but deep inside there is a cry for love, and still today it drives countless young people into despair and suicide. Everybody actually needs to be wanted and loved. Had Jesus not intervened, I don’t know whether I would still be alive. My life completely turned around when I met the Heavenly Father and understood that I do matter for God and He cares for me. From the very first moment of my life, He had a plan for me. When I realized this, everything changed. Today I live in God`s calling for my life, am able to take responsibility and have a happy marriage. Thank you, Jesus!

Maria Wilhelm