My life was a Total Mess

Testimonies Healing Faith

I had completely destroyed my life and had reached a point where I just didn’t care anymore. I tried filling my inner void with drugs and relationships. Very soon I was unable to sleep because of my terrible nightmares, unless I did drugs. I drank alcohol every single day and could not stand my life when I was sober. I had completely destroyed the relationship to my family. I was out of a job, at times homeless and was pushing drugs to come by some money. 2014 marked a turning point for me. 

I attended the Awakening Conference at TOS Church in Tübingen. Even though I didn’t believe or trust anybody, I wanted to know whether it was true what they said, and whether there really was a God. I wanted to try and cried out to Jesus. “Jesus, here is my life, my mess. I give it all to you; but please help me! Please, heal me!” – In one moment, Jesus set me free from alcohol and drugs. He filled my void with His love. He healed my body and gave me another chance. I was able to finish school with excellent grades. Thanks to Jesus I now have a completely new life!

Samuel Haas