Paint and Arson Attack against TOS Church


During the night after Boxing Day, at about 2:30 am, there was an obviously planned attack on the TOS Church and Conference Center in Tübingen. The entrance area of the church was sprayed with purple paint over a large area and the church bus, which was parked in the parking lot, was set on fire. No persons were injured. The criminal police has begun its investigations.

Guido Kasch, pastor of TOS Church in Tübingen, said: "We are shocked by this attack, but unfortunately not surprised in view of the increasingly hostile climate against evangelical Christians. In recent months we have seen aggressive threats against TOS church in Tübingen, especially from the left-wing scene. We do not yet know who is responsible for this attack, but we will not let this stop us from continuing to proclaim the reconciliation message of the Gospel: through our weekly church services, our regular meals for people in need in Kronenstraße, or even our weekend church services, to which everyone is welcome. At the same time, we hope and pray that a peaceful coexistence and non-violent discourse of opinions and world views will again be possible in Tübingen."


The TOS Church and Conference Centre at Eisenbahnstraße 126 in Tübingen is ready for use again! Thanks to all who helped with the cleanup after the attack.

Invitation to the service on Sunday 29th, December at 4pm followed by a Hanukkah celebration in the courtyard together with the Jewish community of Reutlingen.