Power of God and Healings at Awakening Fire


Three days filled with miracles, joy, worship, and encouraging as well as challenging messages by David Hogan (Mexico), Joshua Aaron (Israel), and much more.

Guests from Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Belarus, France and other countries had traveled to Tübingen to spend Friday to Sunday at the Awakening Fire Conference. On Friday evening, Jobst Bittner opened the conference with a clear and challenging message asking, “Who will you conform to?” Many responded to his call to follow Jesus, receiving prayer and a touch by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Joshua Aaron thrilled conference participants with his Messianic-Jewish music, giving them a taste of what was yet to come.

 Saturday, there were different teachings on revival in every-day life and carrying the fire of the Holy Spirit to one’s own surroundings. David Hogan spoke twice, sharing in his unique style about miracles and healings he experiences day in and day out with his ministry in Mexico and across the world. He kept challenging listeners to live a life-style of principles, the fear of the Lord, and faithfulness in order to see the same miracles and to live in “faith instead of humanity”! Bianca received prayer for healing, and her testimony provided tremendous evidence of the reality of God’s intervention. Because of a severely herniated disc, for months she had only been able to walk a few hundred feet with crutches and had to use a wheelchair for most of the time. It was difficult for her to walk, as she had paralysis in her foot. Doctors had said it would take years for her to recover! After receiving prayer, however, she was completely healed! Now, she can walk, dance, no longer has any signs of paralysis, and needs neither crutches nor wheelchair.

The conference was marked by wonderful times of worship with Joshua Aaron, Be’er Sheva and the Freedom Night Band. More than 500 people attended the open event on Saturday night. Many were touched by the love of Jesus and were equipped afresh with the fire of the Holy Spirit.