The band Be'er Sheva got its name in 2003 at a worship concert in the desert close to the city of the same name. In addition to classical hymns in various languages, the band's style is characterized mainly by oriental sounds, klezmer and Jewish Messianic worship.

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This live worship album reflects the vision of the band to worship the God of Israel together with all nations. The German and Hebrew lyrics invite you to open your heart and meet Yeshua yourself.


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All who worship the God of Israel open sources of blessing! Yiddish songs remind us of persecuted and yet flourishing Jewish life. Joyful oriental sounds and varied songs in German and Hebrew will take you into the atmosphere in a Jewish shtetl. Let the music inspire you with this lively worship.


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Inspired by the book "Breaking the Veil of Silence," the musicians of the band Be'er Sheva withdrew for several days to pray. During this time, they created twelve thought-provoking songs in German, which, combined with new worship songs and Jewish Praise, became an album  that touches the heart. The melodic and catchy songs will touch you and lead you into worship.


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